Best In Beauty: At-Home Beauty Devices That Work

There are many beauty devices on the market that claim to do transformative and beautifying wonders. With so many to choose from, how do we know which devices are worth investing in? The answer is simple – extensive trial and error. To make your crusade for highly effective beauty devices simple without breaking your bank account or wasting your time, I have listed my favorite beauty devices below that have made a huge difference.


PMD Pro Personal MicrodermOut of all the at-home microdermabrasion skincare devices I have tested, this one definitely passes as “the latest and greatest”. The PMD Pro model comes equipped with two speed settings and an array of exfoliation disks for the face and body that are designed to deliver a sensitive to intense treatment. After using this device on my face twice/week for only 2 months, my skin has already become noticeably brighter and feels noticeably smoother. When set at the standard speed using the green disks, I would compare the results of this device to an actual microdermabrasion treatment that you would get at the dermatologist’s office. The PMD Pro Personal Microderm retails for $199 and can be purchased directly from their website here.


Arbonne Intelligence Genius UltraI started using this breakthrough skincare-enhancing device 2 months after the PMD Pro and have since used it daily. Suitable for all skin types, this device emits 300,000 ultrasonic waves per second while warming and smoothing skincare products into the skin after cleansing – allowing the products to absorb far more optimally than when applied by fingertips alone. Recommended for use with Arbonne’s R9 Advanced Intensive Renewal skincare line, I have found that this device works great with other high quality luxury serums and moisturizers as well. The Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra is only available for Arbonne preferred clients and retails at a special discounted price of $241. Least to say, it is no surprise at all that 100% of participants in Arbonne’s initial studies on this device experienced improved skin radiance after only 3 days of use – myself included! To sign up for Arbonne’s Preferred Client Program and for more information on this state-of-the-art beauty device, visit their website here.


Tria Hair Removal Laser 4XHaving used this for 6 months now, I can safely say this is the most effective laser hair removal tool I have ever used – this one actually works. It is FDA-approved and even comes with a safety sensor and multiple intensity levels to ensure that you will not accidentally burn your skin (which could otherwise happen on individuals with high amounts of melanin in the skin). The diode laser targets melanin and travels down the hair shaft – damaging stem cells at the root of the hair to prevent it from growing back over time. I have used this device on my neck under my jawline, which is now virtually hair-free. The phrase “beauty is pain” certainly applies to this device – so be prepared to endure a repeated stinging sensation with every zap! The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X retails for $449 and can be purchased directly from their website here.

* Originally published on World Bride Magazine here.