Identical twins Austen & Tyler Parker are dynamic beauty directors and makeup artists that work both separately and as a singular team.  Their masterful skills range from natural beauty / skincare to high fashion, fantasy looks, and men's grooming.  Their diverse resume of work includes beauty & fashion editorials, advertising, celebrities, corporate & editorial portraiture, television, and runway.  The Parker Twins have both a mastery of makeup artistry and professionalism - largely due to their uniquely creative eyes, attention to detail, understanding of each specific client/project needs, and ability to work within deadlines.  Their aesthetic sensibilities include an understanding of facial anatomy, a well-edited use of color placement, and masterful skills in makeup blending.

They also have extensive experience with local and destination weddings - (frequently working on the engagement photo shoots straight through to the final reception dance).

Austen and Tyler studied at both The University of Michigan and Baruch College, NYC - attaining business degrees in entrepreneurship and advanced business analysis, ( including studies in fine art, art history and pre-med/cosmetic dermatology ) - graduating with top honors.

The twins are based in New York City - but often travel worldwide.

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Austen parker

With over a decade of experience in the fashion and beauty industry, Austen has established himself as a industry authority. His expertise and skill set expands from professional makeup artistry (where his work can be found in major publications such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar) to beauty directing, casting directing, and beauty writing. As a New York-based beauty editor and influencer, Austen has established relationships with leading public relations firms to bring his readers and followers honest and engaging reviews on the latest and greatest beauty products currently in the market. In addition to working for major advertising and celebrity clientele, Austen also has a strong and long-standing private clientele base that endorse his makeup application and skincare consulting services.


tyler parker

After several years of working as a successful freelancer alongside Austen, Tyler decided to take on a less active role in their joint venture to pursue his true passion for business management. He now works as a key asset in one of largest and most successful public relations firms in the country – where he is able to exercise his business expertise while still being involved in the fast-paced world of fashion and beauty. For major projects where Austen needs established managerial and creative services to oversee large creative teams, Tyler will step in to ensure optimal creative team service execution and efficiency.